Thank you for your interest in the Datajack

The purpose of this demonstration is to showcase the features and abilities of our software engine. Please note: that the widgets product does not exist, and if it did you'd be mad to buy one. Also, the information contained here-in is freely editable by visitors to this site, even our competition. It may contain wild inacuracies and offensive language, it is after all a product of the Internet.

Click here to launch a window to the Public Web Site.

The Widgets-R-Us site is presented as an example of an online business presence. The site demonstrates many features of the engine including:
  • Presenting clean, uniform Web Pages
  • Secure Shopping Cart (no cookies, java, javascript required for users)
  • Fill Out Form handeling
  • E-Mailing List functionality
  • E-postcards
  • Gift Certicates
  • Contest Registration
  • Database Searching / Sorting
  • Database Thumbnails / Enlargements

    PLEASE NOTE: In viewing the Widgets-R-Us website, you may encounter errors. This is due to the fact that visitors have the ability to edit these pages with our DATAJACK system. Use these errors to your own purposes and correct them via the DATAJACK.

    Click here to launch a window to the Administrators Site

    The DATAJACK Website Administration System is an intuitive, powerful interface to allow owners and administrators easy and instant access to thier site content. Feel free to navigate thru the functions of the DATAJACK remote controller and explore the editing features. Features Include:
  • Web Page Editing
  • Database Item Editing
  • Mass Mailer
  • Image Management
  • Traffic Repots
  • Priority support request channel

    The edits that you make will be viewable on the PUBLIC SIDE of the site. For purposes of this demonstration the username and password have been provided, just click on the log-in button that is provided.

    1) Go to the PUBLIC side, familiarize yourself with the Widgets-R-Us site.
    2) Go to the PRIVATE side and make some changes.
    3) Go back to the PUBLIC side and browse to the pages or products that you altered.
    (You may have to [REFRESH] or clear your cache to see the new edits)
    4) If this kind of ease and flexability suits your needs, contact us and start your account today!


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